BRICS Leaders Stress Economic, Development Cooperation at Xiamen Summit

September 15, 2017

Leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa concluded their ninth “BRICS” Summit last week, signing off on a declaration which covered topics such as economic cooperatio... READ MORE


EU signs Economic Partnership Agreement with Southern African countries

June 10, 2016

The European Union and six countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) today signed an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the first of its kind between the EU and an African regi... READ MORE


APEC Senior Officials Drive Quality Growth Amid Headwinds

March 4, 2016

Senior Officials from the 21 APEC member economies have convened in Lima to develop new measures for delivering higher quality growth. They are intent on improving social mobility and living standards... READ MORE


Malaysia trade minister calls on parliament to pass TPP bill

January 26, 2016

Malaysia's trade minister warned Tuesday that the country will lag behind Vietnam if it does not accede to the Trans-Pacific Partnership as parliament began a session to debate and vote on the controv... READ MORE


Developing Economic Corridors in Africa: Rationale for the Participation of the African Development Bank

April 1, 2013

The purpose of this Brief is to provide the rationale for transforming Africa’s potential regional transport corridors into economic corridors and to discuss the role of the African Developme... READ MORE