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Bridges Daily Update # 2 - WTO Negotiating Function Under Scrutiny as Ministerial Begins

December 17, 2015

Trade ministers continued to disagree over the future of the WTO’s negotiating function, as talks for the organisation’s Tenth Ministerial Conference (MC10) kicked off in Nairobi, Kenya... READ MORE


Kenya offers major push for Bali trade deal ahead of WTO meeting

December 14, 2015

Kenya has signaled willingness to support the implementation of the 2013 "Bali Package" by ratifying the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) reached at a previous ministerial meeting of the World Trade... READ MORE


Kenya Ratifies Trade Facilitation Agreement in Advance of Nairobi Ministerial Conference

December 10, 2015

Kenya has ratified the new Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), less than a week before it hosts an important high-level WTO trade meeting. The WTO Secretariat received Kenya's instruments of acceptanc... READ MORE


Fixing Trade Facilitation: The Trillion-Dollar Development Windfall

March 1, 2014

Trade facilitation, or the improvement of trade regulatory mechanisms to reduce barriers and costs to global business, is a big opportunity for limited international dollars. Trade facilitation is... READ MORE


The 2013 WTO Bali Ministerial: Prospects and New Horizons

November 1, 2013

Failure to address these issues will make further significant progress on the Doha Round difficult, notwithstanding a successful outcome in Bali. An important wild card is what impact other large b... READ MORE