Theory and evidence for the last two decades of tariff reductions

April 26, 2017

Tariff barriers today are small on average, suggesting only limited welfare gains from their removal. This column argues, however, that the current generation of standard trade models have missed a... READ MORE


Making Trade an Engine of Growth for All: The Case for Trade and for Policies to Facilitate Adjustment

April 10, 2017

In this study the authors argue that the benefits from opening trade are broad and deep. Trade liberalization has generated higher living standards through greater productivity, increased competiti... READ MORE


Better Neighbors : Toward a Renewal of Economic Integration in Latin America

March 14, 2017

This book proposes a renewal of 'Open Regionalism' in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) aimed at achieving the region's goals of high growth with stability. The LAC region experienc... READ MORE


EU-Canada Trade Agreement Wins European Parliament Green Light

February 15, 2017

The European Parliament approved a landmark free-trade agreement with Canada, shoring up Europe’s market-opening clout in the face of a populist surge across the continent and U.S. President Donald Tr... READ MORE


Better, faster, stronger: How trade liberalisation fosters global innovation

November 21, 2016

Free trade is under fire, with evidence documenting the distributional impacts and labour adjustment costs of trade liberalisation mounting. This column instead presents new evidence on the benefit... READ MORE


New softwood lumber trade war with US worries northern Ontario forest workers

October 12, 2016

Mill workers and mill towns across northern Ontario are fearing the start of another trade war with the US over softwood lumber. That's because the trade deal that helped stabilize the shaky wood busi... READ MORE


Regional trade talks out in open

June 13, 2016

Trade Minister Todd McClay is out to banish the taint of excessive secrecy from New Zealand's free trade negotiations by holding a public session with this country's trade negotiators during this week... READ MORE


What Trade Deals Are Good For

May 24, 2016

In recent months, trade agreements have moved from the arcane pages of academic journals to the front pages of newspapers, from university lecture halls to the presidential campaign trail. What are... READ MORE


4 Reasons Free Trade Has Become A Contentious Political And Economic Issue

April 3, 2016

Free trade was long virtually the only issue about which all economists agreed. Free trade was good and moving toward freer trade was always better than protectionism. These basic lessons have been ta... READ MORE


Many Issues Stand in the Way of India, the EU Agreeing on a Free Trade Deal in Brussels

March 30, 2016

International trade and foreign investment have come to occupy pivotal roles in international relations today. For India and the EU, this holds true too. Thus, what is likely to dominate the 13th Indi... READ MORE


The End of Free Trade?

March 15, 2016

The debate on trade in the U.S. presidential election should concern Korea because trade has come under fire from the left and right. On the left, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders blames the North American... READ MORE


EU looks to downgrade summit with Japan as trade talks stall

March 6, 2016

The annual summit between Japan and the European Union could be downgraded to an informal dialogue, as the bloc is frustrated at the slow progress of free-trade talks between the two sides, sources cl... READ MORE


Free trade a concept that remains elusive in Africa

March 4, 2016

Last week we looked at visa openness in Africa and concluded that the continent remains largely closed with its citizens requiring visas to travel to 55% of other African countries. This week we take... READ MORE


Indonesian trade minister to visit Australia as both countries prioritise free-trade talks

March 2, 2016

Indonesian Trade Minister Thomas Lembong will visit Australia this month as both countries prioritise a free-trade deal that had stalled amid diplomatic tensions and a climate of economic protectionis... READ MORE


TPP keeps the internet’s rules liberal

February 29, 2016

There has been a good deal of hype touting the recently concluded Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement as the first ‘21st century’ trade pact. Whether it lives up to this high accolade is current... READ MORE


PH, EFTA expected to sign free trade deal before June

February 28, 2016

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is optimistic that the Philippines-European Free Trade Association (PH-EFTA) Free Trade Agreement will be sealed before June 2016. The fifth round of Philip... READ MORE


TPP to help protect brands, lower nontariff barriers

February 8, 2016

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, a comprehensive free trade agreement spanning parts of the Asia-Pacific, is expected to lower tariffs on food and agricultural products. The pact could also bring food p... READ MORE


Assessing the Trans-Pacific Partnership Volume 1: Market Access and Sectoral Issues

February 1, 2016

After five and a half years of negotiations, the Barack Obama administration concluded the most ambitious free trade deal of the postwar era on October 5, 2015. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)... READ MORE


Indonesia to speed up EU CEPA negotiation

January 26, 2016

Indonesia will speed up negotiations on the Indonesia-European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), aiming to have an agreement with the EU come into effect within two years... READ MORE


Free Trade with Iran

January 21, 2016

The Premier and Army Chief’s diplomatic trip can be dubbed a success considering Pakistan’s apparent haste to initiate a free trade agreement (FTA) with Iran in the wake of lifting of sanctions on Teh... READ MORE


India, Australia miss free trade pact deadline

January 21, 2016

Despite missing the deadline set by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australia’s then-Prime Minister Tony Abbott for December 31, 2015, negotiators are still hopeful that the India-Australia free trad... READ MORE


Free Trade Agreement with Thailand may not benefit Pakistan

January 15, 2016

Experts have urged the government to complete its homework before engaging into the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Thailand as, historically, FTAs have failed to usher favourable terms for Pakistan’s... READ MORE


Potential Implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

January 1, 2016

On October 4, 2015, 12 Pacific Rim countries concluded negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. If ratified, the agreement could raise member country GDP by an average of 1.1... READ MORE


The Economic Effects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership: New Estimates

January 1, 2016

This Working Paper estimates the effects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) using a comprehensive, quantitative trade model, updating results reported in Petri, Plummer, and Zhai (201... READ MORE


Deep Trade Agreements and Vertical FDI : The Devil Is in the Details

October 1, 2015

Recent data show that the institutional content of preferential trade agreements has evolved over time. Although pre-1990s preferential trade agreements mostly focused on tariff liberalization, rec... READ MORE


What Economic Models Tel Us About the TPP

February 1, 2015

Using econometric methods this article analyzes how the TPP will effect 18 production sectors in 24 countries over a 15 year time horizon.



ANZTEC and Taiwan’s Quest for Economic Integration

August 1, 2013

The carefully titled Agreement between New Zealand and the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu on Economic Cooperation (ANZTEC), signed on July 10, represents a diplomat... READ MORE


Why Don't All Exporters Benefit from Trade Agreements? Estimating Utilization Costs

November 1, 2012

This paper models FTA-utilization costs and estimates the evolution utilization costs for the FTA between the US and Chile. The model identifies costs by exploiting the indifference condition for t... READ MORE


Regional Integration in the Americas: State of Play, Lessons, and Ways Forward

April 1, 2011

Examination of the extent of liberalization in regional trade agreements (RTAs) in the Americas in comparison with other regions of the world, to discuss the potential future of integration in the... READ MORE