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ECOWAS Parliament Members Reaffirm Commitment to Fight Counterfeit Medicines

April 18, 2017

Members of the Economic Community of West African States' (ECOWAS) parliament's Committee on Health and Social Service and Committee on Trade, Customs and Free Movement held a joint session... READ MORE


Regional Integration and High Potential Value Chains in West Africa

December 20, 2016

This paper aims to provide an understanding of West Africa’s potential for participation in GVCs. Upgrading strategies require identifying value chains in which West Africa has existing capab... READ MORE


African Regional Integration Index Report 2016

May 5, 2016

Regional integration is a development priority for Africa. All Africans, not just policy makers and decision makers, have a role to play in making integration a reality for the continent. Integrati... READ MORE


Free trade a concept that remains elusive in Africa

March 4, 2016

Last week we looked at visa openness in Africa and concluded that the continent remains largely closed with its citizens requiring visas to travel to 55% of other African countries. This week we take... READ MORE


CFTA negotiators establish their launch pad

February 29, 2016

The first meeting of the Continental Free Trade Area Negotiating Forum (CFTA-NF) laid the groundwork for upcoming substantive negotiations on Africa’s largest free trade area. Negotiators are... READ MORE


West Africa: FAJ Challenges Gambia Repressive Media Laws in Ecowas Court

December 9, 2015

The Federation of African Journalists (FAJ), the African Group of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), has filed a legal claim before the Court of the Economic Community of West African... READ MORE


Informal Cross Border Trade in Africa: Implications and Policy Recommendations

November 1, 2012

Despite being a source of income to about 43 percent of Africa’s population, informal cross border trade (ICBT) is generally regarded as illegal commercialization of cross border activities.... READ MORE


Assessing the Economic Impact of the ECOWAS CET and Economic Partnership Agreement on Ghana

January 1, 0215

Ghana is currently facing two major trade policy adjustments - the economic community of West African states (ECOWAS) common external tariff (CET) is a significant milestone within the long history... READ MORE