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Accord Between Mercosur and Pacific Alliance is Closer

April 13, 2017

The government of Brazil announced on Friday that Mercosur trade partners (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay) were closer to reaching an agreement with the Pacific Alliance bloc, expanding trade... READ MORE


Mercosur, Pacific Alliance Members Push for Deeper Economic Ties

April 13, 2017

On Friday 7 April, ministers from Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance convened in Buenos Aires for talks on developing closer ties between the two regional mechanisms, representing the second ministe... READ MORE


EU, Mercosur Negotiators Report Progress, Schedule Future Meetings

March 30, 2017

Negotiators meeting to advance a planned EU-Mercosur Association Agreement, including a free trade deal, finished their 27th round of talks last Friday in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In a joint commun... READ MORE


Trump Tough Talk Pushes Argentina, Brazil to Embrace Trade

February 7, 2017

Two of South America’s most pro-market presidents are struggling to shake off the protectionist policies of the past when it comes to international trade. Tuesday’s state visit by Argentine President... READ MORE


Chile president says Argentina welcome as Pacific Alliance member

December 16, 2016

Chile would welcome Argentina as a member of the Pacific Alliance trade bloc, a group of four historically market-friendly Latin American countries, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said during a s... READ MORE


Macri after full integration of Mercosur with the Pacific Alliance

August 18, 2016

Latin America needs greater economic integration and a merger of Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance should be the objective, according to Argentine president Mauricio Macri, who insists in loosening tr... READ MORE


Malcorra reveals free-trade deal talks

March 15, 2016

Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra has revealed the Mercosur regional trade bloc is discussing the possibility of signing a free-trade agreement with the United States, barely a week before US President... READ MORE


Peru FM to attend Pacific Alliance meeting in Mexico

March 5, 2016

The Executive Branch authorized the trip of Peru’s Foreign Affairs Minister Ana Maria Sanchez to Mexico City for the Pacific Alliance meetings on 16-18 March, according to a supreme resolution publish... READ MORE


Uruguay prepared to lead Mercosur/EU trade negotiations during the whole year

February 29, 2016

Uruguay which currently holds the Mercosur chair is enthusiastic about advancing the agreement since there is now a clear determination from the four members (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay)... READ MORE


Mercosur makes EU free trade offer before French visit

February 22, 2016

South American bloc Mercosur is offering to open up 93 percent of its trade to competition from the European Union to seal a long-sought free-trade deal, Uruguay's president said Monday. Permanent mem... READ MORE


The Curious Case of Brazil's Closedness to Trade

April 1, 2015

Although Brazil has become one of the largest economies in the world, it remains among the most closed economies as measured by the share of exports and imports in gross domestic product. This feat... READ MORE