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Trans-Pacific Partnership versus Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

December 1, 2014

This paper argues that the formation of regional integration frameworks can be best understood as a dominant state’s attempt to create a preferred regional framework in which it an exercise e... READ MORE


World Trade Organization Agreement on Trade Facilitation: Assessing the Level of Ambition and Likely Impacts

September 1, 2014

At the Ninth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) held in Bali on 3–6 December 2013, the ministers agreed upon the WTO Agreement on Trade facilitation (ATF). This pape... READ MORE


Study of Non-Notified Trade Agreements to the World Trade Organization

May 1, 2014

This paper attempts to reveal those RTAs upon which the WTO fails to shed the light of the transparency exercise. While many studies have pointed out that there are many non-notified RTAs as a rese... READ MORE


The Investment Version of the Asian Noodle Bowl

April 1, 2014

This paper aims to provide a detailed reading of recent advances in Asian investment rulemaking and a finer appreciation of how rules in Asian IIAs have evolved in response to stimuli. While existi... READ MORE


On the Use of FTAs: A Review of Research Methodologies

May 1, 2013

There has been much confusion, rather than debate, on the use of free trade agreements (FTAs). Unfortunately, a large part of the confusion is caused by the absence of consensus on the meaning of k... READ MORE