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Beyond TPP: Sharing an Economic Strategy in Asia

November 1, 2015

This paper discussed the need for the United States to have a comprehensive economic strategy toward the Asia-Pacific, a region that will do more to determine U.S. interests over coming decades tha... READ MORE


Australia’s Chairing of G20 Provides Opportunity to Reenergize Economic Reform

January 1, 2014

The Brisbane Group of 20 (G20) Leaders Summit in November will provide Australia an opportunity to inject new life into a grouping founded to broaden dialogue on international economic issues.



Global Economics Monthly: Economics and the Rebalance

December 1, 2013

Like administrations before it, the Obama administration has put economics at the center of its Asia-Pacific strategy. But it has arguably raised the stakes by making the overall success of its pol... READ MORE


Global Economics Monthly: Five Myths about TPP

April 1, 2013

The decision to welcome Japan into the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) promises to be transformative, not only for the world’s third-largest economy (see March 2013 Global Economics Monthly),... READ MORE


Why Japan Should Join the TPP

March 1, 2013

Since the first merchant ship of the new American republic set sail from New York for Canton in 1784, trade has been at the heart of U.S. strategy in the Asia-Pacific. Deepening economic exchange w... READ MORE


Global Economics Monthly: Not Beyond Hope: Japan and TPP

January 1, 2013

Abe himself seems to have learned from his previous, unhappy experience as prime minister in 2006-07. In his first public remarks after taking back the job in late December, he said, “There i... READ MORE