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Brexit and Origin: A Case for the Wider Use of Cross-Cumulation

January 8, 2018

As the United Kingdom negotiates its exit from the European Union, rules of origin are becoming a key topic. Whatever form the future UK-EU trade relationship will take, the question of determ... READ MORE


Preferential origin regimes must reflect the complexity of global value chains

February 1, 2017

Access to preferential import tariffs under free trade agreements (FTAs) is governed by rules of origin designed to be a non-tariff barrier to trade that prevents non-members from enjoying the pref... READ MORE


Revised Investor-to-State Dispute Settlement Mechanism: New and Improved?

November 30, 2016

In this paper Dr. Jerzewska reviews the key criticism of ISDS in the context of new FTA negotiations taking place, the recent changes to the ISDS mechanism and the future of ISDS in FTAs.