North American Free Trade Agreement

Date of Signature:
Date of Entry into Force:
Member countries (Original, Adherent and Withdrawal):
Countries Date of Entry into Force Date of Withdrawal Observation
bandera ca Canada 01-01-1994 - -
bandera mx Mexico 01-01-1994 - -
bandera us United States 01-01-1994 - -

Intra Agreement Exports:

Total member Exports
US$ 2,348,450,422
Intra-regional Exports:

US$ 1,164,997,391 (49.6%)

Exports to Agreement Members:
% of Total Exports 1994 2017
Canada - 76.8%
Mexico 87.5% 82.6%
United States 32.2% 34%

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September 13, 2018

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