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EU, South Africa Discuss Options for Closer Economic Ties at Presidential Summit

November 22, 2018

South African leaders met with their European counterparts in Brussels for a presidential summit on 15 November to discuss future opportunities for cooperation, including on economic issues. Discus... READ MORE


Europe, Asia Leaders Prep for High-Level Summit, With Trade and Cooperation to Headline Agenda

October 18, 2018

Leaders from the European Union and from a host of Asian countries are meeting in Brussels, Belgium, this week for a high-level gathering that is due to tackle subjects like economic cooperation, t... READ MORE


EU, Japan Leaders Sign Trade Deal, Look Towards 2019 for Entry into Force

July 19, 2018

Leaders from the EU and Japan signed a sweeping free trade accord in Tokyo, Japan, on Tuesday 17 July, touting the accord as a testament of their support for the rules-based, multilateral trading s... READ MORE


Preparations for Post-Brexit Trade Deals Continue with US, Australia

March 29, 2018

Trade officials from the United Kingdom have been meeting with their US and Australian counterparts over the past fortnight to continue setting the stage for deeper economic ties and possible trade... READ MORE


EU Officials: US Participation in Paris Climate Deal Key for Resuming Trade Talks

February 15, 2018

Officials from some EU member states and the bloc’s executive branch have affirmed in recent weeks that the US’ continued participation in the UN’s Paris Agreement on climate chan... READ MORE


EU, Mercosur Ministers Ramp Up Efforts to Close Trade Deal During Brussels Meeting

February 1, 2018

Ministers have been meeting in Brussels this week, hoping to get within the final stretch of sealing a long-awaited trade deal uniting the EU and the four members of Mercosur, the South American co... READ MORE


Mercosur summit agenda includes trade, energy, human rights; Venezuela's Maduro absent

December 21, 2015

Paraguay foreign minister Eladio Loizaga advanced some of the issues that will addressed on Monday's Mercosur presidential summit, when all of the members of the group's heads of state have confirmed... READ MORE