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A Post-Brexit UK-GCC Deal Could Help UAE In Diversifying Its Economy

April 16, 2017

Britain is preparing for life after Brexit, while GCC countries are preparing for new financial realities in a post-oil era. The council nations are working on diversifying their revenues by heavily i... READ MORE


UK Aims For Middle East Free Trade Deal As May Outlines Brexit Strategy

January 17, 2017

British Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that the Gulf countries are hoping to sign a free trade deal with the UK, in a major speech outlining the core principles the UK will adopt in its exit... READ MORE


The Future Of The 14 Free Trade Agreements America Has Under Trump

December 7, 2016

There has been much focus on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and free trade agreements in general, especially in the U.S. during the recent presidential election. With the recently ele... READ MORE


4 Reasons Free Trade Has Become A Contentious Political And Economic Issue

April 3, 2016

Free trade was long virtually the only issue about which all economists agreed. Free trade was good and moving toward freer trade was always better than protectionism. These basic lessons have been ta... READ MORE